Ian Desperately Needs You, Will You Help Him?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I want thank all of the people that donated for entries into the Raffle for the Diamond Earrings.  Your Generosity is most appreciated, you've gotten me a lot closer to being able to get the small therapy pool to help me with my Multiple Sclerosis.

Sandra, Jennifer, Casey, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Marc, Melissa, Rosemary, Christopher, Gayle, Gina, Timothy, Jennifer, Charity, Deborah, Christopher, Jennifer, Angie, Jonathan, Josh, M. Patricia, Donna, Michael, John, Heather, Rebekah, Alan, Dawn-Renee, Marc, Frank, Elizabeth, Marc, Kellie, Tamer, Doug, Christine, Alison, Marc, Allison, Donna, Jo-Anne, Chris, Nora, Chris, Leo, Elizabeth, Thomas, Marc, Elizabeth, Tamer, Kelly, Kathleen, Erika, Prateek, David, Nora, Michael, Brooke, Casey, Jennifer, Tim, Elizabeth, Kim, Gina, Jen, Chrys, Angie, Cara, Charity, Bernedette, Marc, Richard, Rebekah, Tamer. Bennie, Doug, Christine, Deborah, Jennifer, Alison, Kellie, Melissa, Nora, Leo, Jo Anne, Thomas, Corinna, Jennifer.

Once again, Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart.  

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