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Monday, June 17, 2013

A Pool Process Update…

So we’re still trying to raise enough funds for both the enclosure for the therapy pool and therapy pool itself. We’re at $22,554, so there’s about $7K left to go. We’re come so far, and we’re so close, just a little left to go. With your help, I know we can do this.

After talking about the possibility of having to move in with my parents one day, we’ve decided to have the pool installed at my parent’s house. This seemed like the most logical choice because otherwise I would possibly have to move the pool at the later date in the future, and would be wasting the money on the enclosure at my house if I had to move it.

Other than the location changing, the plans remain the same to have the therapy pool and it’s enclosure. Access to the pool isn’t an issue, because my parent only live like 14 miles down the road. And since at least one of my parents drive by my house everyday, it’s not a problem for them to take me back to their house for use of the therapy pool each day.

Currently we’ve been talking with Representative for the pool company, figuring out what’s available for the very near future. I’ve explained to her about how we’re trying to

raise enough funds for the enclosure and the therapy pool. I’m going to be making a $6K deposit soon.

At my parents house, there’s an open bay in a 3 car garage. The therapy pool is going to be placed in the 3rd bay, however construction need to be done to separate and close off that bay from the rest of the garage with extra walls being built. After that, all of the walls need to be insulated and we need to have a small HVAC device put into place. After explaining this to the contractor, he explained that for this project, the therapy pool needs to be put into place prior to the construction, because of the size of the enclosure room. So we would have to first get the therapy pool in place, cover it up, then he would perform the construction.

I should have the pool soon, I’m thinking in the next 2 months or so. But after it arrives, I need to wait until the construction has been completed before being able to use the pool.

I’ll be updating again when the deposit has been made and we get more details about delivery and arrival.

Thank you for your help and support everybody!

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