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Friday, July 5, 2013

Therapy Pool Transaction…

Ok everybody, here's another update.  Below is a copy of the email that I've received back from my representative Laura from Master Spas about the pool purchase.

They have to get the pool ready and prepared for shipping, then the therapy pool will ship and probably arrive within 3 weeks.

I have a contractor that is going to perform the electrical requirements for the house's main breaker box.  After the pool is in place inside the third garage bay at my parent's house, the contractor will then come back and start the renovation of the garage bay, adding extra walls, insulation and a small HVAC system to be able to regulate them temps in the Enclosure bay of the garage.

So the therapy pool is in the process and will be here soon.  All the funds remaining to be raised are the Final $6,571 for the contractor to be able to perform the construction for the Therapy Pool's Enclosure Room.

We're so close!!  I know that we'll meet the goal with your help. 



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