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Monday, August 12, 2013

Base Construction for therapy pool…

The following are the photos that were taken from our contractor when starting and completing the construction of the level foundation that the therapy pool will rest upon.

From Manufacturer:

"Surface/Pad Requirements -When your new swim spa is filled with water and bathers, it may weigh as much as several tons. It is imperative that

the base beneath the swim spa can support the entire weight. The swim spa must be on a uniformly firm, continuous, and level surface."


The photo below is the Contractor and the mess after cutting up all the pieces of wood for the construction of the level foundation/base that is required by the manufacturer for the therapy pool to rest on. — with Our Contractor Ben.



In the following 3 photos, You can notice the slight grade in the base.
In these photos you can see how the base is thicker on the left side and thinner to the right side. This slight grade will allow the therapy pool to rest in a level position when installed.






Below is a photo of the completed level base with required cabling set and ready.





ONLY $5,761 left to go!!



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