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Friday, August 16, 2013

Very Important Update…


Two days ago, the funds that were raised up to this point, were transfered to bank account.  Today, I had a phone call with "Master Spas", the therapy pool manufacturer.  On this phone call I had to make a payment for the therapy pool.  Previously I had to make a down payment, but now with this remaining balance paid, we have an arrival date for the therapy pool on August 27th.

I had to use one credit card, then it was filled up, so then I had to put the remaining balance on another card.

Yes, this is fantastic, and I am very excited!!  However, we still have to raise the remaining $5,709 for the carpenter's materials and labor for the construction on the Enclosure Room for the pool.

So far the carpenter performed the electrical work and built the level foundation for the therapy pool to rest on.  Next the pool has to arrive, be put into place, the we'll have to cover it up so the carpenter can do the construction for the Enclosure Room.

After the carpenter is done with the construction, then it will be time to finally swim, and start rebuilding muscles and kicking atrophy to the curb.

So, as I stated earlier in this post, there is ONLY $5,709 left to go.  These are the remaining funds for the Enclosure Room.  Do you think it's possible that we'll be able to meet this goal within 2 weeks?

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