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RE: Important Updates… 

Friends and Supporters:

Greetings!  A few important things have come to light recently which I need to tell you about.

Last week, I received an email from Chipin.com informing me that ChipIn.com had been sold, and as of March 7, 2013 they were discontinuing services and that all ChipIn donation widgets on websites everywhere would cease to function.  Because of this I have been searching for a new solution to replace the ChipIn widget, so that donations could still be made and progress towards a goal could still be tracked/monitored.  I have found a new widget that will be located in the same locations on this website as the previous donation widget.

Initially the goal of this page is to hopefully raise enough to be able to get a small therapy pool and have an enclosure built for it to keep the elements off of it and to make it accessible year-round regardless of the weather.  In haste and eagerness to start trying to get donations I setup the donation widget’s goal amount for the therapy pool, but without including for the pool’s enclosure.  Now that I have to replace the original donation widget, I was able to update the goal amount for the new one.

The new goal amount is $29,500.  This will allow for an enclosure for the therapy pool of a steel frame construction in order to protect it from the elements and make it accessible throughout the year regardless of the outside weather.

So far $14,011 has been raised towards the goal, leaving $15,489 remaining.

I sincerely and gratefully appreciate all of your help.  I love you guys.  You have my sincerest thanks.

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